Installing TiddlyDocs latest on TiddlyWeb (Mac)

Assuming you have already installed TiddlyWeb and TiddlyWebWiki ( this is how to install the very latest development version of TiddlyDocs on your local machine :

curl >
sudo sh
cd tiddlydocs
twanager server 8080

In your browsers then goto :


5 thoughts on “Installing TiddlyDocs latest on TiddlyWeb (Mac)

  1. Hello, is the last version also for cctiddly on a webserver ??

    About this matter i have a second question : How to activate tiddlydocs only in one Workspace at the cctiddly server ?

  2. This script installs TiddlyDocs on TiddlyWeb (

    TiddlyDocs will also be available in the next release of ccTiddly. As most of the functionality sits in the client TiddlyDocs can run quite easily on any TiddlyWiki serverside.

    At the moment a ccTiddly instance only lets you enable plugins such as TiddlyDocs across all workspaces. Its a nice idea to enable plugins on a per workspace basis. Something I will think about.

      1. Hi Cyrill,

        Your running a rather old version of TiddlyDocs there.

        Its probably best to wait for ccTiddly 1.9 before trying to run the latest TiddlyDocs code on ccTiddly.



  3. Thanks for your answer,

    nice to hear that the next cctiddly release contained tiddlydocs,
    My ident is to share tiddlers stored in the SQL Database in different workspaces of th e server and also to regroup them (user liked) in tiddly docs.

    In the cctiddly envirement you will be enable to import tiddles (plugin from tiddly tolls) but they left unsaved, so that is not possible to import all tiddler from a another workspace with one click, i think that it might be possible manually (copy edit paste done) one by one.

    So actually a have installed tiddly web on a WindowsXP PC via portable python and unconventionally will not be able to install the tiddlydocs instance. Can you explain how to involve it on this protable phyton envirement ?

    Best regards

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