Could ccTiddly 2.x solve the Robbie Problem?

I was thinking on the train home how it would be cool to store a reference to peoples online identities (facebook, twitter,, blogs…..) in the ccTiddly user profiles.

It was interesting to see Robbies post about lifestreaming when I arrived home.

I like the idea of this life streaming stuff, Im thinking we could either store the URLs of our users various online profiles, or maybe just links to their various RSS feeds all of which can then be comsumed by Tiddlywiki or anything else for that matter.

hmmm.. interesting stuff

ideas welcome


11 thoughts on “Could ccTiddly 2.x solve the Robbie Problem?

  1. it makes me think of apart from being able to store various user info, one may even limit access to each info using the privilege system. When there is a place that provide hosting of ccT, it can even become a social network like facebook 😀

  2. Hello (and sorry for my poor english),

    ccTiddly is very nice. Another thing would be useful : replace, if we want, Mysql by SQLite. So the power of ccTiddly would be more great : one ccTiddly for each user with links between each ccTyddly. To do this with Mysql is’nt a good idea for the server. But with SQLite it would be very good.



  3. I very much like Roland’s idea; modularize the backend, so that there could be a MySQL module, an SQLite module, a WebDAV module, a flat-file module etc.

    I believe MTS has such a modular structure.

  4. As for the “lifestreaming” issue (sorry, hit SUBMIT too soon before):
    I like the idea of having additional fields for this kind of information – but these should be extensible (i.e. no hard-coded fields for Facebook, Twitter etc.).

  5. ccT is portable by itself but is not ported yet. I am working on this part, converting part of the code to MySQL first (since it is the most common), then a flatfile DB followed by maybe SQLite or postgre.


  6. Oh thanks a lot !
    Idea : maybe converting the code for SQLite would be easier if you convert the code to MySQL with PDO ?


  7. I made some tests. Hereafter code for install.php with some change in sql for pdo. Unfortunately i’am not a good programmer

    $dbName =’base1.sqlite3′;
    $dbs =’sqlite:’ . $dbName ;
    $login = ‘admin’;
    $pass = ‘pass’ ;
    $table1 = ‘table1’ ;

    if (!file_exists($dbName ))

    { $dbHandle = new PDO($dbs, $login, $pass);
    $dbHandle->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION);
    catch (PDOException $e )
    { echo $tmp = new Meta_Exception_CeCatchException ($e);
    $tmp_sql = “CREATE TABLE “.$table1.” (
    title varchar(255) NOT NULL default ”,
    body text NOT NULL,
    fields text NOT NULL,
    modified varchar(128) NOT NULL default ”,
    created varchar(128) NOT NULL default ”,
    modifier varchar(255) NOT NULL default ”,
    creator varchar(255) NOT NULL default ”,
    version int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
    tags varchar(255) NOT NULL default ”

    $tmp_sql = “CREATE TABLE “.$table1.” (
    title varchar(255) NOT NULL default ”,
    body text
    { $PDOreq = $dbHandle->exec($tmp_sql);

  8. Still me,

    Excuse me , I’ve forgotten to explain why i’m insisting about the possibility of using SQLite

    If we install hundreds of ccTiddly for students or pupils (one for each student), it would be better for the server if we could use SQLite. With Mysql the number of tables and the number of hits would be a bottleneck for the server.


  9. Hello,

    Still me (excuse, after this i’ll stop).
    – With IE6 I’ve a problem. There is no login/password box. Do you know why ? And what can i do ?


  10. Hi Roland,

    Ive not seen the IE6 bug.

    Where are you downloading the source code from?

    Drop me an email at mcmanus.simon at gmail dot com with a screen shot and I will try to help you out.

    In relation to sqlLite, Afew people have asked about different database formats, as we develop all the database functions are remaining in one file so that it can be converted.

    If you want to have a go building at building a sqlLite version let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

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